Friday, 23 October 2015

What are interactive Sales Mobile dashboards?

 According to Gartner, “By 2016, more than half of real-time business dashboards will provide a panoramic view that provides information from multiple sources”.

Business users demand more from mobile computing.  New Salesforce1 Mobile tool for Reports & Dashboards gives access to business users to view and customize reports from their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Different dashboards and their benefits

  • Sales Executive Dashboards: Used by sales executives to give the individual, teams’ and company’s performance report in real-time. It gives the sales executives and managers, a deeper visibility into reports.
  • Pipeline Dashboards: Used by Sales Managers to identify different opportunities that can be further personalized such as today’s pipeline, pipeline history, revenue forecast and sales results.
  • Marketing Dashboards: Marketing digital dashboards tell you which different channels are working and which are not – also providing a deeper dive into insights like lead conversion rate, branding performance and engagement trends.
Different types of dashboard components

Bar Charts: Used to show quantitative data through grid, vertical or horizontal columns. For e.g. to view comparisons among various sales reports.

Pie Charts: Used when working with limited components in reports and presentations.  For e.g. to view individual sales per sales rep per month.

 Doughnut Charts: Used the same as pie charts, with a circle in the middle. Best used when defining a specific purpose through slices. For e.g. a sales rep preparing a sales presentation to show the achieved and the remaining targets.

Column Charts:
Used to display data with rectangular bars. For e.g. used by sales reps and managers to define quarterly sales.

Line Graph:
Used to illustrate a single trend – often in reports and presentations. For e.g. a sales strategy used to make predictions about the result of the data not yet recorded.
Scatter Charts: Used to define several trends with horizontal and vertical points on a graph. A scatter chart shows the extent of correlation, if any, between the values of observed quantities (Variables).  For e.g. used by sales managers to investigate the relationship between two variables (AOV and sales).
Gauge: Used to see how you’re performing towards a goal. For e.g. used by Sales managers to see the total sales from yearly sales goal.

Table: Used to organize data into rows and columns, also used to drill down functionality. For e.g. Sales managers can view sales reps performance

  • Easier to view important data on the go, as users today don’t have the time to sift through complex data
  • Customizable as per users’ preferences
  • Easy to use, drag and drop module
  • Real-time data update and syncing
In this era of internet mobility, Salesforce has enhanced its app’s functionality to improve the mobile ecosystem. Salesforce1 Mobile reports and dashboards are used by many businesses such as FFF Enterprises, Iron Mountain, Talen Plus, and more to achieve greater mobile productivity. With easy drag and drop components, real-time information, and easy access to CRM users, Salesforce1 Mobile Reports & Dashboards is one of the most powerful Salesforce Services – making businesses more responsive, quicker to respond to any gaps, and listen to the story the data is telling.

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